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Our Services

Our services include AI/ML application development, chatbot development, and AI consulting. We use cutting-edge technologies like Python, JavaScript, Langchain, and OpenAI to provide our customers with the best possible solutions.

AI/ML Application Development

Do you want to transform your business with AI/ML? Our team of experts can help you build AI/ML applications that can learn from data and make predictions based on that data. We can create custom AI/ML applications that meet your specific requirements. With our help, unlock the full potential of AI/ML and take your business to the next level. Contact us today to learn more.

Chatbot Development

Autologicus can build chatbots for businesses of all sizes. Apart from building custom chatbots, we can also provide training on chatbot technologies to your employees. Chatbots can help you to increase efficiency and save costs. Contact us to learn how our customized chatbots can be a game changer for your business.

AI Consulting

Want to increase innovation, reduce costs and increase productivity for your business? By taking the AI Consulting services of Autologicus, take your business ahead of your competitors. Our AI Consulting services will help you develop an AI strategy, implement AI solutions, and train your employees on AI technologies. Contact us and discover how our AI consulting service can be a game changer for your company.


Why should you Choose our AI Automation Services? Because it will help your business to scale up and…

Increase productivity

Efficient use of resources

Best customer service

Improve decision-making

Improve compliance

Identify new opportunities

Develop new products and services

Reduce cost and increase profit

About Us

The meaning of Autologicus is self-operating logic. This name reflects the company’s focus on using AI to automate various tasks to increase productivity. Autologicus is the continuation of the successful MVO company and was founded by Vytautas Paukštelis, who is also the CEO of MVO Agency.  We are an AI automation service provider company that specializes in providing AI automation services for small and medium-sized businesses. Our team of experienced professionals from Europe and Asia will work with you to create innovative solutions that meet your specific requirements. Our headquarter is located in Vilnius. With our diverse work experience, experienced team of professionals, and creative ideas, we strive to ensure smooth service to our customers. Contact us today to learn more about how Autologicus’s AI automation service can help your business boom and become the next market leader.

Cutting-Edge Technologies Used by Autologicus

Python 100%
JavaScript 100%
LangChain 80%
OpenAI 90%

We use these to provide our customers with the best possible solutions. Our team of experts leverages these tools to stay ahead of our competitors and deliver innovative products tailored to your demands. Also, these tools are constantly being updated and improved, so using them ensures that Autologicus have access to the latest and updated technologies. Contact us today to learn more.

A Visualization Of Our Workflow


We listen to your specific product needs.​


We suggest a solution based on your needs.


We ensure security and confidentiality through clear agreements.


We create a prototype of the product based on your specific business demands.


We listen to your feedback on the prototype.


We start developing the main product while constantly updating you, ensuring transparency.


We deliver the main product to you.


We provide ongoing support for any help you may need after delivering the product.

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